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All prices shown are merely a guide. Please contact by Email or phone for a considered quote within 24 hrs

The price of PHOTO RESTORATION is largely based on time consumption to repair according to certain considerations:

Size of Photo, Variety of detail lost, amount of damage to the image. All images can be sent by post and returned or preferably sent by Email at a minimum of 300dpi for best resolution and best results. Thank you.

Option A: – Basic correction of image including minor fading, cropping of image, enhanced or reduced contrast. Restoration of serious blemishes, small tears, and replacing small areas of fading and detail.      Prices start from £20 per image.

Option B: – Advanced Restoration comprises of complex object removal, facial correction, sepia toning and B&W to colour.  Prices start at £30 per image

Our PHOTO RETOUCHING service can add special effects to your image, change of background, remove facial blemishes and add objects into given situations. Add £15 extra to your package.

CREATIVE DESIGN/PHOTOGRAPHIC work will be carried out at an agreed hourly rate.

Store your finished images on a CD format.  Add £5 extra to your package.

*10% off any Photo sent by an Email attachment.

Prior to delivering the finished product, a low resolution proof will be sent out with a watermark.

Please feel free to enquire about any service not mentioned here.

Transparency is a key element to this service.